18 jul 2020

Mario Visconti - Mariano Royo - Tango Singer

As in Spain we have two surnames, one from my father and one from my mother, and normally in this order, so my grandpa brother was Mariano Royo, a quite interesting singer with love for the Tango. And I keep this Aragon surname.


You can hear a nice interview thanks to youtube - Xavier Quiñones de León. In there you can listen how funny was my uncle-grandpa. I met him when I was a child but he died when I was young and we only talk when I was a child. He was happy to came to my comunion and I recently found the postcard and the restaurant menu, and some pictures of me when I was a child that made feel loved.
I recently I bought a disc in a shop in Madrid, as he says in the interview, he did not have his own records. So if you have a copy and want to sell me or send me a digital copy I will be more than happy. I can also send some fan pictures that I found if you like his music. By the comments in the videos posted, I see that he had a lot of fans around the world. I also keep a lot of postcards of his friends. He was able to write in multiple languages and his suitcases were fit with stickers of a lot hotels.

The video with song plus interview.

The best entrance has been created by a fantastic curator of all musical history.

Here some of the content created by him. I need to go to recruit some information and digitalize all what I have.

Once I have all information I will create a good website. If you want you can join by social media in FB https://www.facebook.com/MarianoRoyoMaestre/, IG https://www.instagram.com/MarioViscontiCantante/, or comment this entry.


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