9 abr 2014

Hints I'm getting old (biker)

Hints I'm getting old

My fridge has more medicaments than food or drinks
I see every day the sunrise
My new motorcycle has even more suitcases than the previous
I start to turn my head more for the women than for motorcycles
Every year I ride less km than before
Abs or hydraulic clutch is not an option. Is a must
I do not know all the smartphones or the new model cars
I still search for start menu in windows 8
I prefer call to text and over all of that, I use my time to  meet with my people
I use tv to watch pics instead of a computer
I see doctors more often than some of my friends. They are becoming my new friends.
I don't run to catch public transport
My Spanglish is still a disaster. One day I will be able to talk/write in proper English

And a lot more things that are positive and are not in this list...because
I don't focus in the bad things , I enjoy the wonderful life I have every day.

Thanks for reading