3 abr 2015

Zlombol Charity Rally 2015 Poland - Passo dello Stelvio by Zuk

This year my summer holidays will be a bit different as I will join a Polish Charity Rally called Zlombol. Here is a bit of history of what it is and why I would like that some companies and individuals will help the charity event in some way.

You can download also here.

I would like to request your company to support our team in order that we can participate in the Złombol 2015 edition.

Złombol is a Polish classic charity rally made of cars belonging to Communist era with the objective of collect money to buy needed supplies for orphanages.

A bit of history can be found in the official website and Wikipedia.

In 2007-2008, Monaco. In 2009, the Arctic Circle. In 2010, up 121 teams took off to Istanbul.
In 2011 almost 130 teams went to visit Ness in the Scottish Highlands. Złombol 2012 went to Olympia. Złombol in 2013 was able to reach the NORDKAPP!  In 2014 to Lloret de Mar.

This year we will climb to one of the hardest roads in Europe, Passo dello Stelvio.

15 / 08 / 2015   Katowice – Passo dello Stelvio 2757m above sea level

In order to support the trip it is possible to buy space on the van and put your company logo, or message. 100% of accumulated funds will be transferred to purchase needed items for children from orphanages.

Teams cover the cost of the trip and the purchase of vehicles on their own. All other costs, such the official website are covered privately by the organizers of the event.

Teams are proud to receive support of many companies and institutions and many individuals. Full list of donors is available on the website.

Why you?

We think as our red vehicle matches the Polish Flag it can be interesting for your company that your logo will be associated with the Polish market.

The history of the Rally is covered with success by several Polish media, and in our case, it will be covered by additional international media as one of the Team members is Spanish.
Rally is a great interest for the media (TVN, TVP3, Teleexpres, TVN Turbo, TV Silesia, Gazeta Wyborcza, Dziennik West, Journal Poland, EchoMiasta, Metro, Classic Car, WRC, RMF FM, Antyradio, Radio Eska, Virtual Poland, KMH, Interia, and a lot more).

History of success

In 2007, in the first edition of the rally, over 15.000 was collected for children from orphanages in Katowice.

Among others, the children received games, educational programs, TV, bed sheets, bicycles and bicycle accessories, toys, art and many other things, which caused a smile on their faces.

All the editions together collected more than 1.826.000 , equivalent to 400.000 €
Further information about the Złombol 2015 edition with the exact route can be found at:
www.zlombol.pl and the forum.

Who we are?

Vehicle: FSC Żuk - Produced from 1959 to 1998  

Our model A06B from 1990 is the Polish van that helped to move the country. It was 
prepared by previous owner to participate in Złombol. Unfortunately, he was not able to join the rally due to medical conditions. We will continue his dream and start our own. We will finish the mechanical adjustments needed to afford the rally with safety conditions.

More than 100 likes in the first week of opening, and now, after one month, 200 likes.
LPG powered vehicle, eco-friendly.

I am an artist passionate about creating costumes and paintings, making make-up and special effects.
My dream since last 4 years was to participate in the Złombol Rally.
Now, after we bought a proper vehicle, the dream will become true.
I will use my skills to give our vehicle the proper personality, as our Polish mobile flag is a perfect framework for an art piece.

Javier  -  riderbcn.blogspot.com 

I am an adventure motorcycle rider. I collect and restore classic motorcycles and cars and I have a bit of knowledge about mechanical and IT. I am also involved in Spanish cooking events, like El Txoco de Varsovia, having great social media coverage with this nonprofit gourmet club.

What we need?

Your contribution to the charity event with the amount that you consider.
This is a requirement of the rally participation.

Your help in whatever you think can be gifted by your company, as our budget of the things needed for the rally is limited.

Petrol, vehicle spares parts, food, drinks, material for camping, technical equipment, etc.

Thanks for your time,

We would like to hear from you,

Natalia and Javier

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